Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review : My Favorite Dolly Lower Lashes (Luminous Change Eyelash)

I bought these lower lashes at SaSa in Hong Kong.  They were about 98HKD, so the price is not so bad for getting 5 pairs of good quality lashes.  I know you can get box of 10 made in Taiwan ones, but seriously, these are better quality (you can reuse them for a longer time period and does not get out of shape easily).  I own many many many...and I mean many styles of lower lash, this one has to be my favorite.  I usually don't cut them and just use them as is when I'm going out.  But if I am using them for work, I would cute off the last part of the lash so there is only 4 chunks of the lash left instead of 5 for a more natural look.  When using these lashes, I usually keep my makeup pretty simple.  I just use single brown shadow for all over the lid with a little bit of white shadow to brighten up the corners  then line the eyes with eyeliner and that's it.  Here is the finished look:

Products Used:

(Too Faced) Primed & Poreless
(Lancome) Teint Miracle Foundation in "Ivoire 2"
(Skin Alison Raffafle) Mineral Powder Foundation in "1"
(Nars) Blush in "Desire"
(Skin Alison Raffafle) Transparent Finish Invisible Face Powder 

(MUFE) Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector in shade "3"
(Urban Decay) Primer Potion
(Prielry) Eye shadow in shade "15" (similar to MAC amber lights but not as orange)
(Kiss Me) Liquid Liner
*False lashes are applied on top and bottom. (Top are no brand from Taiwan)

(Smith's) Rosebud Salve