Sunday, May 29, 2011

Makeup Remover Wipes VS Makeup Cleansing Oil

Note: Information provided is based on my own experience and thoughts about these products.  Effects may be different for other people.

*my reviews

Overview:  My all time favorite is the MAC wipes.  It is easy to use, gentle enough for sensitive skin, and will clean all the makeup off your face!   Using makeup remover wipes are more simple and easy than using cleansing oil.  Cleaning oil often leaves oily residues on your face and make your skin feel sticky.  Also, cleaning oil can cause the eye to get blurry when trying to get rid of your eye makeup.  I have tried many different brands, but I'm only doing reviews on these 4 products because these are the most recent products I've used.   

#1: MAC wipes

Company Description:  
Swipes away makeup, smudges, dirt and grime, pronto! Oversized, luxurious, super-saturated with special M·A·C cleanser infused with protective vitamin E. Hydrates and nourishes highly efficiently. Extremely refreshing. Totally addictive. Slickly packed, re-sealable, ready to go!

 * I am absolutely in love with this product! I have super sensitive skin when it comes to makeup removing products (I'm allergic to the Lancome and Clinique eye makeup remover).  I started using this product early this month, thanks to my BF <3.  I love this product because it can remove my stubborn eye makeup (lash glue) and waterproof mascara easily without having to rub hard on my eyes.  I can clean my whole face with just one towelette (no Q-tips, cotton pads, etc).  I will continue using this product until I find a better one (I will share of course).  (:

#2: Kirkland Signature Pre-Moistened Daily Facial Cleansing Towelettes

Company Description:
 Quilted for deep cleansing.  Fresh and clean fragrance.  Alcohol and oil free, hypoallergenic, and for all skin types.  Pre-moisted towelettes with Camomile, triple tea complex, and vitamin E.

* This product does wonders for my mom and takes off all her makeup (she wears light makeup).  I decided to try it for myself, and did not like it.  It takes off my face makeup fine, but not my eye makeup.  Also, this product irritated my skin like crazy!  After using this for a month, my skin develop rough patches...not happy! But this did work for my mom, and my sensitive skin is to blame. 

#3: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (White Recovery Brightening Cleansing Oil)

Company Description: 
  The advanced gentle formula is fortified with Vitamin C Derivative OS, known for its brightening properties to deliver bight, smooth, translucent skin empowered with newly advanced HPO system which dramatically increases removability of waterproof mascara and long-lasting makeup. Impurities are perfectly removed for luminous clarity and soft supple skin with one-step cleansing.

* This used to be my favorite product.  I have used this cleaning oil for years and years. I've recently just stop using it because this product is no longer available for purchase in the United States.  You can still buy it online, but I don't want to do that (that's why I turned to MAC) lol.  This cleaning oil is gentle and does a pretty good job taking off my eye makeup, but it's still not good enough to take off my lash glue.  I love everything about this product except the lash glue part and that it leaves my eye blurry after using it.  I would recommend this cleansing oil to people that does not wear heavy eye makeup.  
#4: Biore Makeup Removing Perfect Oil
Company Description:
Face washing oil.  Penetrates deep into pores, and lifts excess oil and dirt from skin.
* This product is highly rated in Japanese and Chinese magazines.  After seeing it in magazines, I've decided to try it (this was the first cleansing oil product that I've used).  It has a nice fragrance and is gentle enough to use on my skin.  The only dislike is that it kind of burns my eyes after using it.  This can be bought at Japanese stores or supermarkets.  I still got one bottle left is any friends are willing to take it off my hand (:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Skincare Routine

     This is the skincare that I go by as of now, which I started 2 month ago.  Before this, I was using mostly Kiehl's and L'Occitane products.  I started using these new products because I wanted to switch to skincare that contains both anti-aging and brightening abilities.  This post will contain my routine for both day and night.  Note:  I have super sensitive and combination skin. FYI: I will not post prices, they can be found on the Sephora website, where most of my items are purchased.

Day: After washing my face

1. Purifying Rice Toner by L'occitane
2. Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado by Kiehl's
3.  Vinoperfect by Caudalie
4. Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion with Amazonian White Clay by Kiehl's
5. Rosebud Salve by Rosebud Perfume Co.
*Layer these products 1-2 minutes apart for best results

Night: After washing my face

1.White Label Premium Placenta Essence by Cosmo Products
2. Pure Fusion eye concentrate by Fusion
3. Booster Caps by Philosophy
4. Capture Totale One Essential by Dior
5. Miracle Worker by Philosophy
6. Rosebud Salve by Rosebud Perfume Co.
*Layer these products 1-2 minutes apart for best results

Product Information & Review:
*my reviews

1. L'Occitane: Purifying Rice Toner
  • Mattifies and refines pores
  • This bi-phase face toner is recommended for combination and oily skin.  The first phase purifies and the second phase mattifies.  
  • Consumer test on 25 persons: After application, skin is fresh and perfectly clear, excess sebum is absorbed and complexion is luminous for 92% of the subjects.  After 4 weeks, pores are tightened and skin's quality is improved. (92%).

*After using this toner, my face is instantly mattified and my skin feels very refreshed.  It takes away all the excess oil left on my face.  You can use this day and night, but I've chose to use it in the morning.  I've been using this toner for years and is still loving it. 

2. Cosmo Product: White Label Premium Placenta Essence
  • Brightening and Hydrating  

*This toner is very hydrating and my skin feels very soft after application.  This toner is intended to brighten your skin, which is why I chose to use this product during the night time.  This toner has a milky gel-like texture. 

3. Philosophy: Booster Caps (Retinol Capsules)
  • For PM use only!
  • To boost your serum or moisturizer: squeeze contents of capsule into palm of hand.  Mix together with your moisturizer or serum of choice.  Apply mixture to clean, dry face avoiding the eye area.  Contents of capsule can also be applied alone to the face after cleansing

*The first time I used this products I instantly fell in love with its silky texture.  Twisting off the capsule and squeezing the insides out is kinda like squeezing out the insides of a grape lol.  The texture is silky and smooth.  I love this product, but I don't know if I will be purchasing it again.  The reason is because I haven't really seen any results.  

4. Caudalie: Vinoperfect
  • Radiance serum/complexion correcting
  • A highly concetnrated oil-free serum that improves the appearance of dark spots, promotes even skintone, and boosts radiance.
  • Banish dark spots and achieve your most even, bright, and beautiful complexion.  Perfect for all skin types, this satiny complex offers remarkable results, helping to correct dark spots, acne marks, and scars.  Naturally powerful Viniferine, olive squalene, mint, caraway, and galbanum work to counter stretch marks, scars, and damage while bolstering collagen and elastin, for glowing results.
 *This product WORKS!  The first time I went to purchase this, everything was sold out.  It took me a couple more times to finally get my hands on this product.  It really does everything it says it would do.  After using this for about 2 month, My face is brightened (looks better w/o makeup...makes my skin look less dead).  Now my skin is more radiant (:It also states that it would lighten acne scars, but I'm not sure about this because I do not have much acne. 

5. Dior: Capture Totale One Essential
  • Skin boosting super serum 
  • An exceptionally effective age-defying step that successfully eliminates toxins, down to the heart of the skin cells, to intensely regenerate, stimulate cell-turnover, and correct all visible signs of aging.
  • After the first application, skin is deeply purified, brightened, smoothed, and plumped for a younger look, immediately.  Results amplify day by day, delivering ongoing rejuvenation and corrective power.

*I like this product.  I like the texture and the scent, its very soothing and very silky.  I'm not sure about the effects though.  But I've heard good reviews from friends.  The reason I bought this was for anti-aging precaution and to prevent premature aging.     

6. Kiehl's: Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
  • This creamy preparation with avocado oil, gently moisturizes the delicate eye area. 

*This is my favorite morning eye cream!  I have very fine lines under my eye due to dryness.  After using this product for years the fine lines have soften a lot.  I only use this during the day because it has a nice refreshing texture that doesn't leave a sticky residue.  (Also I prefer to use anti-aging eye creams at night)

7. Fusion: PureFusion Eye Concentrate (discontinued)

*I believe this product is discontinued.  I received this as a gift and just started to try it out.  The texture is nice and refreshing but since it's discontinued, I do not recommend it to anyone.  It's not really my favorite, I'm just trying to use it up so I don't waste it. lol

8. Kiehl's: Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion with Amazonian White Clay
  • Minimizes enlarged pores and refines skin texture.
  • Formulated specifically for normal to oil skin types to address the appearance of enlarged pores, our oil-free pore minimizing treatment contains Amazonian white clay to help absorb excess sebum and refine the look of pores with ingredients sourced from the Marajo Island at the mouth of the Amazon River, this unique lightweight formula is rich in minerals and instantly refines skin texture and tightens pores.  

*I use this product along with the rice toner for its pore reducing effect.  I love this lotion!  This lotion feels refreshing on the skin and does not feel sticky on the skin, and does not have any unpleasant scent like some natural lotions.  

9. Philosophy: Miracle Worker
  • Miraculous anti-aging moisturizer
  • Helps promote skin's longevity and vitality for a firm, radiant result
  • Helps strengthen skin's natural rejuvenation potential to guard against all signs of aging
  • Maximizes skin's ability to retain moisture for plump, soft skin.
  • Satiny formula absorbs easily and is comfortable for all skin types.

*I use this as my night cream.  After applying this lotion with gel-like texture, my skin feels smooth and plump.  I have recommended this to some of my friends and they all love it!  I hate how most night creams have a sticky feel.  This I love and will continue to use (:

10. Rosebud Perfume Co: Rosebud Salve

  • This cult-favorite, multi-purpose lip balm soothes dry lips, calms and heals irritation, and soothes the sting of minor burns.  Try dabbing on dry elbows or knees to condition, and relieve dryness.  Also an excellent remedy for the treatment of diaper rash.

*My favorite lip treatment.  I use to suffer from very chapped lips.  I tried using Aquaphor's healing ointment but it only relieves my chapped lips for some time.  Ever since I started using the Rosebud Salve every morning and night, I haven't had dried lips (: LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I also use the Rosebud Minted Rose Lip Balm (also by the same company)-I leave this one in my purse.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everyday Bronze Eye Look

     This is a new look that I've started to do last week.  Another blogger (StyleSuzi) actually inspired me to try out this look.  Of course, I used the products that I already own to do this look.  Also, mine turned out very different because I made it into my own to suits my features better.  

*Click on Photo to Enlarge


1.Using Bobbi Brown's eyeshadow in Sunlight, apply the shadow all over your lid.

2. Using MAC's Amber Lights, apply generously on the upper eyelid and lower corner of lash line.

3. Using MAC's Tempting, apply on the outer V and crease area.

4. Using MAC's All That Glitter, apply to the front of the lower lash line.

5. Using PopBeauty's Naked Smolder Palette, apply the shimmery white eyeshadow to the inner corner (Tearduct).

6. Using Maybelline's Eyestudio Gel Liner in Blackest Black, line the whole eye and wing out.

7. Apply Top and Bottom false lashes.

8. DONE!

Products Used:

(Lorac) aquaPRIME
(Tarte) Peaches & Cream powder foundation in "Fair"
(MAC) Blot Powder in "Light" --T-Zone
(MAC) Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder in "Light" --To set foundation
(MAC) Sheertone Blush in "Peaches"

(Urban Decay) Primer Potion
(Bobbi Brown) Sparkle Eye Shadow in "Sunlight"
(MAC) Eye Shadow in "Amber Light"
(MAC) Eye Shadow in "Tempting" 
(MAC) Eye Shadow in "All That Glitter" 
(Pop Beauty) Naked Smolder Palette "no name" tearducts
(Maybelline) Eyestudio Gel Liner in "Blackest Black"
*False lashes are applied on top and bottom. (no brand purchased from Taiwan)

(Smith's) Rosebud Salve 
(YSL) Rouge Volupte in "30" --A coral-pink color