Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My First BH Cosmetics Haul & Review

       I've seen many good reviews on this company and decided to give them a try.  I bought these palettes on memorial weekend (they were having a 30% sale--good time to snatch them).  I think they are having a summer sale right now too!  I decided to get the 120 palette 3rd edition, the neutral palette, and the contour and blush palette.  I chose these three palettes because I can easily travel with them, which I will be doing a lot in the future (:  Also I wanted to experiment with colors, and these are definitely within my budget.  Instead of buying all my eye shadows at MAC for experimenting, the 120 color palette is a better and more reasonable choice.  Enough said, here are the palettes (:

Disclaimer:  These are bought with my own money and the reviews are my honest opinions.  I am not affiliated with the company.
*my reviews

120 Colors Palette (3rd edition)

* This palette contains a good selection of both matte and shimmery colors.  You have your warm colors on top and cool colors on the bottom.  Both palettes can be taken out of the main case.  The quality is pretty good but not as pigmented as the MAC eye shadows and have fallout problems.  Some colors also may not be consistent, and the matte colors are a little hard to blend.  I prefer the shimmery colors in this palette.  Overall the colors are pretty easy to work with and I recommend this to beginners that want to experiment with colors.  But honestly, I still prefer my MAC eye shadows. But this palette is good to play with.

28 Neutral Colors Palette
* This palette contains more matte colors than shimmery colors.  Some colors are very similar to the ones MAC carry (Mulch, Beauty marked, Crystal Avalanche, Soba, Brown Down...) but unlike the 120 palette, it is more pigmented.  This palette is easier to blend than the 120 palette and I do like this one more.  I would definitely take this palette when I'm traveling (for day and night looks).  I would rather take this palette while traveling than my MAC palette because I wouldn't want to risk my MAC ones breaking lol.  Overall, this is a very good palette to have and I would recommend this palette to anyone.  It has a good price and good selection of neutral colors.  I love my MAC ones, but this palette is just a must and I would purchase again!!! My second favorite palette and it's like1/4 of the price of my MAC one. (: oh yah, this one doesn't have as much fallouts as the 120 palette.  This is a must for beginners and frequent travelers!

6 Color Palette Contour & Blush

* This is also a good palette to have.  Only problem again is the fallout problem.  I wish the blush had a peachy shade instead of all pinks.  But it's still a good palette for traveling.  The only shade I don't really use is the brown contour color (I use it for eye shadow because it's way to dark for my skin).  I use the white for highlighting, and the light peach for my brow bone and blending.  Is this a must?  NO! Would I buy again? probably not.

-Good selection of colors
-Nice packaging
-Good price
-Pretty good quality

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